Getting Started

Setting up connection

After you have installed Mobi Safex on your phone the first thing you need to do is connect to your account. When the application opens you will see the login screen. Fill in your username and password in the correct fields.

Then tap on the Select Server button and select the server you want to connect to. Return to the login screen and tap on the login button.

Quote Screen

After you have connected, Mobi Safex will automatically move to the quote screen. The quote screen is where you will be able to see, add and remove instruments(list items) that you want to look at. By default the quote screen will be empty. Detail of list item:

To add an instrument, tap on the plus button.

A new screen will appear where you are able to search for a certain symbol or scroll through a list to see what you would like to add.

To edit your list items, tap on the edit button.

To remove items tap on the minus button on the left and a remove button will appear.

To rearrange item tap and hold on the three lines on the right and move the item were you want it.

Order Card

Tap on a list item in the Quote screen to open the order card. Here you are able to see more detail about the selected instrument and also place an order on the selected instrument

If you selected to place a stoploss order, a new control will appear were you are able to enter stoploss slip points.

Trading Screens

The trading screens are where you are able to see all your account details e.g. Orders, Positions, Deals.